Food & Feed Integra Pipetting Robots


How it works

Simply mount any INTEGRA VIAFLO electronic pipette onto the ASSIST pipette adapter, choose a pipetting protocol and press the run button. ASSIST will then obtain the protocol via communication module from the VIAFLO electronic pipette and automatically execute the desired application.

  • Getting Started Videos

    To make your life easier and get you up and running quickly with our ASSIST PLUS, we have prepared some helpful little videos.

Best results – unmatched ergonomics!

Pipette design and good pipetting practice have always been in the focus to improve ergonomics and reproducibility of pipetting.

For the design of the ASSIST, INTEGRA kept these critical factors in mind but went even a step further: by automating our multichannel pipettes. Simply mount a VIAFLO electronic pipette onto the ASSIST to start automated pipetting. This prevents you from repetitive strain injuries (RSI) while increasing the reproducibility of prolonged pipetting protocols such as serial dilutions, plate filling and reagent addition.