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Photometers are the all-rounders in water analysis. They measure the concentration of a substance based on the light that passes through a water sample. Colorimeters work in a similar way. At the pool, in wastewater treatment and drinking water control in the laboratory, in environmental analysis, for monitoring process water or for disinfectant control, there is almost no area of application in which photometers do not provide valuable services. Lovibond® has been developing and producing high-quality instrumental test systems for generations and is one of the most renowned manufacturers in water analysis. Whether mobile or as a regular part of the laboratory equipment: Lovibond® photometers are universally suitable for a wide range of measurement parameters and methods, from the practical Scuba II to the compact MD 200 and the COD set-ups. They are user-friendly and designed to meet the individual requirements of the user and the respective application. This ensures not only assured measurement results in accordance with the applicable regulations, but also precise values and tools for documentation and general quality control.