Academia Hermle Large volume centrifuge

Large-Volume Centrifuges

• max. Speed: 10,500 rpm
• max. RCF: 16,022 xg
• max. Volume: 4 x 1,000 ml
• Speed range: 10-10,500 rpm
• Temperature range: -20°C – 40°C
• Running time: 59 min 50 s / 10 s increments, 99 h 59 min / 1 min increments
• Dimensions (WxHxD): Floor-Standing unit 62 cm x 98 cm x 69 cm
Underbench unit 62 cm x 70 cm x 69 cm
• Weight: 190 kg / 157 kg

Centrifuge ZK 496

The ZK 496 is a large volume floor-standing centrifuge, which is also available as a space – saving underbench model. Both models are provided with a powerful cooling system to keep your samples cool.

Its huge volume of charge allows a large number of samples to be centrifuged, up to 4 x 1000 ml. The field of application of the ZK 496 ranges from clinical applications through research to industrial applications, but also in blood banks, where blood bags are used.

In additional to the multifunctional swing out rotor, high-speed fixed angle rotors with a maximum capacity of 6 x 250 ml or 4 x 500 ml are also available! This enables a fast and efficient separation of samples in high-throughput laboratories.

Functions & Features

• Brushless induction drive
• Microprocessor control
• Active imbalance detection and cut-off
• Motor driven lid lock
• Automatic rotor identification system with over speed protection
• Emergency lid lock
• Stainless steel chamber
• CFC-free refrigeration system (-20°C to +40°C)
• Autoclavable rotors and hermetical sealed rotors

Display functions
• Diagnostic program
• Program memory for 99 programs
• Quick-key for short runs
• Pre-cooling program
• Standstill cooling
• 10 acceleration and 10 deceleration rates, possibility of unbreaked deceleration
• Permanent indication of preset and actual values
• Pre-selection of speed or RCF in steps of 50/10
• Pre-selection of running time from 10 sec to 99h 59min or continious
• Simple one handed opertaion