Academia Analytical Instruments

Melting Point

Specifications – Melting Point System MP70

Temp. Range RT – 350°C
Number of One Clicks™ 12 Per User
Application Type Melting Point
User management Password protection
Protection of Settings
Multiple Users
Data Export to SD Card, USB Stick or PC
Heating Rate (/min) 0.1 °C – 20 °C
Stored Methods 20
Number of Capillaries/Cups 4 Melting Point Capillaries
PDF Reports Yes
Stored Results 50
Min. Number of Melting Point Capillaries 4 Melting Point Capillaries
Min. Cooling Time (Tmax to 50°C) 5.5 min
Min. Heating Time (50°C to Tmax) 4

Melting Point System MP70

Strong Performance.The MP70 is the ideal choice for melting point and melting range determinations, offering simultaneous determination of up to 4 melting point/melting range samples up to a maximum temperature of 660°F/350°C.

Simple One Click™ Operation

The One Click™ user interface enables users to start measurements with a single click of the button.

Color video recording

With the high resolution on-screen video, measurements can be observed in real time or conveniently replayed to verify the results.

Trusted performance

With the automatic detection of transmission intensity, highly accurate melting points or melting range temperatures are obtained.