Food & Feed Integra Electronic Pipettes


How it works

MINI 96 transfers 96 samples in a single step, making filling these plates much faster and more reproducible. In addition, individual columns of a plate can be filled as well (8 samples, 16 samples, 24 samples…), replacing the need to use 8 channel pipettes entirely. Up to two positions for labware can be used at one time (eg. Reservoir and 96 well plate).

  • Simple handheld operation

    MINI 96 all instruments simple handheld operation

    MINI 96 is a handheld 96 channel electronic pipette, made to increase the productivity and reproducibility of every lab filing 96 or 384 well plates. It is as simple to use as a single channel electronic pipette.  A servo motor assists all movements, resulting in effortless pipetting – just sit and start pipetting. Manual indexing from 96 to 384 format is a breeze with the flippable Base Stage.

The most affordable 96 channel electronic pipette on the market – fits any budget and workspace, and ready to use straight out of the box.

The MINI 96 is the solution for laboratories that want to fill 96 and 384 well plates faster and more precisely than is possible using traditional handheld pipettes while keeping under budget. As the world’s most affordable 96 channel option on the market, it enables simultaneous whole plate pipetting – as well as partial plate filling – to ensure that your lab’s productivity skyrockets compared to 8 and 12 channel pipettes.

Its tiny size and portability allow the instrument to be easily moved for use anywhere in the lab, from the LAFC to small work spaces on any lab bench. The MINI 96 is also easy to use – simply turn it on and start pipetting.

Access to more productivity for every lab, every work space, and every budget.