Ophthalmic keeler direct ophthalm scope

Professional Streak Retinoscope

The Professional retinoscope features:

  • Industry leading optics
  • Ergonomic beam control
  • Patented neutralisation check
  • Slimline handle
  • Competitive warranty and exceptional customer support

Industry Leading Optics

With our signature Keeler Optics that provide you with a sharper, clearer image while reducing glare from the corneal reflex, you know you’re getting world-class optics you can trust.

Patented Neutralisation Check

Changing the beam from divergent to convergent allows you to easily check the neutral point accuracy and guarantee a correct assessment every time.

Ergonomic Beam Control

Have full control over adjustments during examinations, with easy access to a single control for changes in rotation and conversion. Using rare earth magnetic technology to allow for meticulously precise movements, the professional retinoscope is a tool you can rely on.

Slimline Handle

The lightweight, slimline handle makes holding the retinoscope effortless and reduces fatigue as well as making it easier to clean to reduce contamination between patients.

Built to be durable and long-lasting, the Professional retinoscope is a trusted and useful tool for any eye care professional and busy clinic. Its slimline handle makes it easy and comfortable to hold, and the ergonomic beam control allows you to have full accessibility and control during examinations, meaning you can examine a range of patients efficiently and with ease.