Academia Analytical Instruments

Refracto Meter

Product Specifications

Measurement range nD 1.32000 – 1.58000
Accuracy nD (±) 0.00002
Repeatability nD (±) 1e-005
Measurement range Brix 0-100 % w/w
Accuracy Brix 0.014 % w/w
Temperature control range 5 °C , 75 °C
Minimum sample volume 0.50 mL
Temperature control accuracy (±) 0.03 °C
Measurement scales Refractive Index, Sugar (Brix and more), Acid/Base, Chemical, Freezing Point, Salt, Others,Up to 30 user-defined concentration tables (can be entered as tables or formulas).

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Simple One Click™ Operation

The One Click™ user interface enables users to start a complete workflow with one click including sampling, measuring, rinsing, drying, and SOPs.

User Management

The user management system allows for different levels of access to be defined, with each user having their own personalized home screen and language.

Result Limits

Measurement limits can be set for color-coded pass/fail information for accepted and rejected samples.

Automatic Temperature Control

The integrated Peltier temperature control quickly heats up or cools down the measurement cell, maintaining the sample reliably at the desired temperature.

Status Light

The status light of the instrument shows if it is ready for a measurement (green), busy (blinking), or waiting for operator action (orange).

Automated Sampling, Rinsing and Drying

Automating workflows saves time, reduces costs and improves safety. The R5 is compatible with a large portfolio of autosamplers including solutions for single or multiple samples, and samples which are solid at room temperature.

Upgradable System

The Excellence R5 can be upgraded to a dedicated automatic multi-parameter system combining density, refractive index, pH, color, titration and more to save time, increase data quality and prevent the alteration of samples between individual analyses.