Ophthalmic keeler direct ophthalm scope

Specialist Ophthalmoscope

The Specialist ophthalmoscope features:

  • Unique head design
  • Precise pupillometer
  • Diagnostic beams
  • Lightweight and balanced
  • Wide dioptre range
  • LED illumination
  • Cobalt blue filter
  • Competitive warranty and exceptional customer support

Unique Head Design

The unique head design makes navigating every area of the eye easier, and features enclosed viewing optics so you can get closer to the eye for a wider field of view, setting the specialist ophthalmoscope apart from the rest.

Precise Pupillometer

Featuring a built-in pupillometer disc, the specialist ophthalmoscope offers a more precise estimation of your patient’s pupil size quickly, without interrupting the examination.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Beams

Offering five diagnostic beams to give you full diagnostic capability: wide angle, macula, intermediate, slit, and fixation cross, making it versatile with maximum utility.

Lightweight and Balanced

The slimline handle makes the specialist ophthalmoscope lightweight and provides excellent balance for a comfortable usage experience.

Wide Dioptre Range

Offering the most comprehensive dioptre range in a direct ophthalmoscope from +44D to -45D, you can be confident with your diagnosis in a wide range of examinations.

LED Illumination

By choosing the specialist ophthalmoscope with an LED bulb, you get bright, white illumination to help examine areas of the eye with clarity and definition.

Cobalt Blue Filter

When used alongside fluorescent dye, the cobalt blue filter can help in detecting and examining corneal scars and abrasions.

The Specialist ophthalmoscope is made to be our highest-end ophthalmoscope yet, keeping eye care specialist needs at the forefront of the design. Offering exceptional clarity and optical excellence with a built-in precise pupillometer, as well as easier navigation with the unique head, the specialist ophthalmoscope is the perfect companion to any busy clinic.

With best-in-class Keeler Optics as standard, you can trust that you’re getting the highest-quality images, clear retinal views, and some of the best optical diagnostic equipment across the industry.