Petro Chemical Normalab


• Test Temperature Range : Ambient to 410°C
• Flash point detection by thermocouple
• Unique combine ignition system (electric and gas)
• Integrated barometric correction
• One hand easy operation
• 6,4” capacitive touche screen
• Standard Methods: A, B, C
• User programmable methods)
• Fast heating and cooling
• Sample cup, probe, thermocouple holder stand

NPM 450

Normes : ASTM D 93, IP 34, ISO 2719


Efficient and compact, the NPM 450 is a fully automated Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Tester with a combination of latest technologies. Due to the unique design, the NPM 450 offers you the best performance thanks to its predictive heating regulation and the air turbine enabling fast sample cooling after the test.

Thought for the user, the NPM 450 includes a revolutionary stirring and dipping arm, with an electric and gas ignition. A single combined system is delivered in standard. The user can automatically switch from gas to electric igniter (regulated automatically).


An intuitive software, coupled with a high definition screen, offers you a friendly, user interface, able to follow in real time the information of your tests.
Delivered in standard with the methods A, B & C, the NPM 450 offers you the possibility to create more than 1000 methods with all parameters (pre-heating, stirring, dipping….). Equipped with a capacitive touch screen, the NPM 450 can be used with gloves.
To ensure security, an overheating safety along with fire detection can trigger an automatic N2 extinguisher system. NPM 450 offers a secure operation of the unit. normalab.com/en/produit/npm-450/