Petro Chemical Normalab



The NSB TECH is fully automatic. Easy to use, the test is done alone with 5 preset voltages. The correlation is established through 3 pre calculated record tables. The table is selected depending on the sample temperature. This unit offers a digital readout of both current and voltage for easy
checking. The device gives the best results recorded. The data is printed or exported to USB memory stick. Customizable, it is easy to set up the test data or create a custom table. The 50 last tests are archived.

To maximize user safety, a Hall effect sensor checks contact between the cover and the tank. A green indicator light warns of good positioning and a red light indicates when the unit is on. An audible alarm warns during the test of the 5 measurements.


Fully automatic, the NSB TECH offers a precise test of salt concentration in crude oil. This test measures conductivity in the crude oil due to the presence of common chlorides, such as sodium, calcium, and magnesium by electronical methods.
Knowledge of the chloride concentration gives information on the efficiency of the desalination process and provides a solid basis for assessing the need for crude oil desalting. The corrosion rates in refining units depend on the chloride concentration.


Fully automatic model
Plug and play
Less than 30 sec for measurement
Digital auto ranging meter to read the voltage and current
Auto voltage adjustment between 0 and 250 VAC
Accuracy for the calibration (± 0.5%)
Salt concentration values displayed automatically in PTB
g/m3 or mg/kg
Auto-selection of ASTM
High current resolution (0.01 mA)

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